Developed by Computer Facilities and improved for over a decade, Valid8 enables you to validate data in–house or online, in batch or individual mode. Valid8 has been certified by Microsoft and is one of the few programs which allows you to generate an accuracy report of your data from which you can attain a PAMSS certificate from the South African Post Office in order to claim rebates on bulk mail. Valid8 keeps your data clean and current, ensuring you save money and time with your campaigns. Access the Valid8 web portal if you want to individually Valid8 data, just provide your information and register HERE

iPay™ Payroll Software

  • Process PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Process Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Periods
  • Payment Types: Fixed, per Hour, Per Shift, Per Day
  • User defined allowance and deduction definitions
  • Pay, Definitions and Leave Profiles
  • Employee loans, re-payment schedules, including interest
  • Pension, Provident or Retirement Annuity Fund Calculations
  • Medical Aid Deductions and calculations
  • Allocate employee hours / costs to Job Costing / Projects
  • Create electronic EFT files for Bank Payments
  • EasyFile™ Integration for Electronic IRP5s and EMP 501
  • Integration with Industrial Councils (MEIBC / MIBFA)
  • Employment Tax Incentive Calculation and Reporting
  • HR Functions and Employment Equity Reporting (EEA2 / EEA4)