Integrated Marketing Solutions

Using data as the platform we offer a full integrated marketing solution that allows for multiple channels to be used. These solutions are often campaign and objective driven. The focus of integrated marketing solutions is to ensure a complete communication circle between yourself and the customer, allowing the customer to respond via calls to action.  In addition, the customer has the means to field those responses through our campaign administration tools, including the ability to collect debit orders. Integrated Marketing Solutions allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and ensure you reach the objectives set in your campaign.

Digital Laser Printing

Black and white laser printing is a crucial component of many direct marketing campaigns. It allows for high volume personalisation, including the use of bar codes and other variable data applications such as transpromo. Our mass production printing machinery offers laser printing on:
  • Letters and envelopes
  • Statements
  • Payslips
  • Invoices
  • Itemised billing
  • Labels
  • Postcards
  • Booklets

Mail Campaign Management

Attention to detail is essential throughout a campaign but the added pressure of adhering to strict SAPO regulations ensures that we have to be on top of our game with every mail campaign. Our nixie database along with our ability to issue a PAMSS Certificate for you to claim on rebates ensures we save you money at every possible opportunity. We currently have outsource contracts in place with the top mail houses in the country with unreserved access to their mail room floors allowing us to follow up and quality control all projects we manage. Along with a great capacity we also have flexibility in the solutions available to our clients. This flexibility ensures that whatever your message is to market we can get it there at market related and highly competitive prices as we source the best one for you.


Mobile is key to today’s communication, especially in Africa.  Bulk SMS and MMS as a marketing tool is therefore becoming a powerful medium when getting a message to market. We offer personalised SMS communication, with your marketing message and that all-important Opt-Out. Additional services from Computer Facilities include the management and reporting of campaign responses.


Whether it is a monthly newsletter or a sales campaign, e-mail is ever popular when it comes to getting a message to digitally enabled customers. Whether your email campaign objective is click throughs, to drive traffic or to simply inform, e-mail is a cost-effective and efficient way to communicate with good response rates. We offer full reporting on all e-mail campaigns including delivery and bounce rates as well as open and click through rates.

Nixie Management

Nixie Management is an essential after mail service provided by Computer Facilities. Dealing with return mail and capturing the reason for returns allows Computer Facilities to maintain your database, ensuring that you only have relevant and current customer information. Nixies also alert us to whose details need to be updated and a separate campaign can be done to contact clients and acquire their new details or alternatively send the data through to be enhanced and updated without contacting the clients.