The processing of data is an essential step for anyone wishing to ensure total accuracy. During processing we clean your data, make any required corrections or flag invalid data if necessary. For example, most forms of communication require basic information such as salutations and addresses to be standardised; we ensure that not only is the data supplied to us correct, but our de-duping process picks up on any duplications, thus saving you time and money.


Is your data out of date, or insufficient for your requirements?   We enhance your data, assisting you with updates that will encourage optimal client communications and marketing activities. By enhancing your data you enhance the chances of succeeding in your marketing communication.


During processing we also validate your data and will give you an accuracy report.

Our very own software, Valid8 has been developed specifically for the Direct Marketing industry and can do the following:
  • Validation of address details - suburb and postal code.
  • Validate Postal Address details.
  • Correct Postal Address format and table of common misspellings.
  • Validate ID Numbers, date of birth and gender.
  • Validation of banking details.
  • Deduplication of name, address and ID number.
  • PAMSS processing facility.

Take a look at our Valid8 product if you wish to run this process on site or through web service. Valid8 is one of the few processing facilities that allow you to attain a PAMSS certificate for Direct Mailings, which will qualify you for rebates on your bulk mail from the South African Post Office (SAPO). If you want to Valid8 single lines of data then you can use our web portal. Just provide your information and register HERE and you will be ready to Valid8 on your own.

POPI Consultation

Being Founder Members of the DMASA allows us close insight into the rules and legislations that govern our industry. The Protection of Personal Information Act is a key piece of legislation and affects how you record and interact with data and the permissions required from the public in order for you to communicate with them. We will happily give you a free consultation at our offices in Randburg and data audit on up to 500 000 records so that you can ensure you become POPI-compliant.  The fines for non-compliance are steep, with jail time for serious offenders. Give us a call on the number at the bottom of the page or go here for all our contact information. We wrote this nifty little guide to POPI on our blog called "A Marketer's Guide to POPI" which has some free information to get you started on the road to compliance.
POPI - Changing how you handle data.

PAMSS Certification

PAMSS is essential to anyone who does bulk mailing. With PAMSS you are able to claim a discount on each letter you mail so long as your data is 97% accurate according to the PAMSS program. We specialise in ensuring our customers pass the PAMSS certification and are able to claim the maximum rebates allowed by the South African Post Office. Utilising PAMSS Makes your budget go further as well as ensuring a higher delivery rate to your intended market. Coupled with our Nixie management we can ensure that you get the best possible delivery rates on your direct mail.